Vintage Fair Flickr Competition Winners

This year at Vintage Fair 2012, we ran our second annual Flickr competition. We received many entries (see them here). Below we are pleased to announce the winners as decided by our team of judges. Click here to see the prize list that the winners will receive. Please note that the honourable mentions (other entries we loved) are in no particular order.

If you are one of the five winners you will be contacted by Keira Seerose.

We thank you all for your wonderful entries and hope to see you next year!

Vintage Fair - Beatrice Serendipity

Vintage Fair - Jayy Fallen

Vintage Fair-(Shawneese Offcourse)

Vintage Fair - Ophelia Bracken

Vintage Fair: Flapper {Wall} (Sugar Heartsdale)

 Honourable Mentions

Vintage Fair - Ocean BlackthorneVintage Fair - Serene Fairey - Stella MediumVintage Fair - Jayy FallenVintage Fair - Serene Fairey - The DecedentVintage Fair - Dalis JuranVintage Fair - Grazia Horwitz - Aris ArisVintage Fair - Chic AeonVintage Fair - Bunny BrickworksVintage Fair 2012 - Cherylblossoms ResidentVintage Fair – (Isy Winslet)Vintage Fair 2012 - KouraleeVintage Fair 80s (Gwin LeShelle)Vintage Fair – Gabe ClarringtonVintage Fair - Serene Fairey - Kanji MediumVintage Fair 2012 - Carolina SautereauVintage Fair - Lisanna LauriaVintage Fair - Tristan VoorheesVintage Fair – Leah McCulloughVintage Fair - Portia Capelo“Vintage Fair – (Lyssa Helendale)”Vintage Fair - Serene Fairey - Explorer MediumVintage Fair - Samie Flux| Vintage Fair | Takuya KawashimaVintage Fair - Ophelia BrackenVintageFairSaleenahaxVintage Fair (Yudine Jiadom)Vintage Fair - Krysta EmberVintage Fair: Let's Get Physical (Sugar Heartsdale)I give all I have...Vintage Fair - Katya ValeskaVintage Fair - Cajsa LilliehookVintage Fair - Ike JonesfordVintage Fair 2012 - Carolina SautereauVintage Fair - Avalynn AllandaleVintage Fair – (Shawneese Offcourse)Vintage Fair - Veenya - The Quick and the DeadVintage Fair - Whiskey MondayVintage Fair – Gabe Clarrington

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