The With Love Hunt Hint List

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You are looking for a box that looks like this in each store.

1 – Cheeky pea Hello Deer, Getting warm yet?
2 – Ladies Who Lunch Each bough doth hold its tiny light, That makes each toy to sparkle bright.
3 – PurpleMoon Creations Jackie O. has it
4 – LG Concept no hint given but the item is out
5 – Bliss Couture If it were left to me, I’d make this the end.
6 – floorplan. Hats off to you for finding the prize!
7 – MAGIC NOOK The treasure is where the sweets are
8 – Zenith Fashions Bulldog is protecting the gift
9 – Glam Affair  Try the news
10 – Valentina E.  Ssssslither up to find me!
11 – Beetlebones Let’s shelve the hunt for a moment and take a look around! – PLEASE NOTE that Beetlebones has the 2011 With Love hunt box out too, do not get confused! the one on the sofa is last years gift but does not contain the lm to the next store so make sure to grab the 2012 red and black box. 
12 – POST Quoth the raven, ‘Nevermore.
13 – KMADD Santa Klaus Is Nigh!
14 – oOo Studio Come snuggle up with someone, I’ve got just the place; Where the books live there’s a chair, that could be just the space.
15 – Azul Save it from the water
16 – CIA Designs Do make yourself comfortable!
17 – [ glow ] studio Dont forget to keep your head up!
18 – Lara Hurley Skins Find Joy this Christmas
20 – Indyra Originals The Cat’s Meow
21 – illmatic What is in the dark will come to light.. but only when you open these.
22 – Milk Motion a cup of tea in the garden
23 – .:: PICHI ::. look around some orange
24 – PXL wHere is it? wHere could it be? wHereee oH wHeree could it be?
25 – GizzA Creations You are formally invited to search our store
26 – Diram  no hint provided but box is there
28 – Haus of Darcy Murderous Tree
29 – AITUI I have an ear-y feeling
30 – Onyx Wear Gimme a hand
31 – sYs Search me near a fountain !
32 – je suis… If you found the flowers you are close
33 – Vespertine where all boxes are
34 – Evolve Love my skinny jeans
35 – paper.doll Let’s take a trip to London
36 – mijn boutique there’s no dust under it, just hidden love while you read - 2 BOXES
37 – U&R DOGS right in front
38 – Ziau Plenty of dust bunnies down here.
39 – {.essences.} Right before your eyes
40 – SHI Even the caged bird would sing for this gift!
41 – MIAMAI Careful not to get wet - 2 BOXES
42 – Sn@tch We don’t mesh “around”
43 – Epicosity We love you, like a fat kid loves….
44 – Apple Fall paper birds carry you forward
45 – Maxi Gossamer A comfy Spot
46 – DCNY Warm hands, warm heart
47 – CandyDoll The wood room
48 – Di’s Opera even cute birds are pooing around
49 – KUNGLERS While trying on new shoes, appreciate the view!
50 – Pink Fuel Friends don’t let friends Duck Face
51 – LOSTANGEL Industries You may need help finding the item: ask to the Detective.
52 – Iren you have to stoop a bit in the skin section!
53 – PILOT Not a spoon.but a…
54 – Alice Project One way to become ‘important’
55 – Somnia Make sure you give Odd Ball a little scritch behind the ears for doing such a wonderful job “guarding” over the hunt prize!
56 – *La Penderie de Nicole* Nicole likes the smell of roses
57 – Deetalez look behind the curtains and you will find what you are looking for <3
58 – 22769 ~ casual couture Slap the ORANGE hintgiver at the landing point a actual hint
59 – Gawk! We have a leaking water pipe… Be careful that you don´t trip over the bucket!
61 – The Plastik Merry Early Christmas! Search through to find the one for you.
62 – Les Petits Détails reading the fashion magazines you could have a surprise!
63 – La Petite Morte If i only had the space, this would be the place?
65 – MONS My sweet bear loves gifts
66 – Cae Give a gift, get a gift.
67 – Ducknipple The owl says oehoe
68 – R.icielli Get a good OVERview of the mesh COATS
69 – SAKIDE Get cozy and warm up
70 – In~Stance Poses You walk over me, but you wouldn’t step on me…. walking over me only makes you distant to me as you reach the sky…..
71 – Alouette So many books, so little time.
72 – Just Design What goes up must come down
73 – BAIASTICE cash in your coupon for one fabulous gift

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