We like to offer opportunity to as many people as possible, so we rotate which bloggers we invite to events. If you are skipped over, don’t worry – you can always contact a member of the team to remind us in case you think you’ve been forgotten. However we will only use high quality, dedicated bloggers who credit the majority of items used in their photos. If you apply to blog an event and do not get accepted keep working on it, and re-apply. We love seeing bloggers grow!


We love to work with high quality designers who make original content. We do allow designers using legally sourced sculpts, mesh, templates and textures to participate in our events IF their items are unique, creative, and the unoriginal items are legally obtained from a reputable source.


DMCA Claims
If you have an outstanding DMCA claim against someone (aka you believe they have stolen your copyrighted works) we can deny them service (see below). We can (and will) remove any brand with an outstanding DMCA against them until it is resolved. If no action is taken within one month by the authorities or Linden Labs we will consider people innocent.


Denial or Withdrawl of Service
We withold the right to refuse any persons to enter our events, either into the venues or to participate. This includes the right to remove any persons from an event for any or no reason, however we will always try to find an amicable outcome and where applicable refund any fees paid in the event of removal.

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