Previous CHIC Events

Platinum Hunt2

August 12th-August31st

Culture Shock 2011

May 1st-May22nd


March 16th – April 10th

Pure Juice

March 5th-March 26

CHIC Limited

January 15th-January 29th

The Happy Holidays Hunt
December 10th – December 31st

The With Love Hunt
November 26th – December 17th

The Call for Couture Festival
October 10th – October 31st 2010

The UNICEF Project / Project Donate
September 4th – September 19th 2010

The Platinum Hunt
August 8th – August 31st 2010

The Summer of Love Fair
July 17th – August 8th 2010

The Black and Blue Fair
June 4th – July 3rd 2010

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