CHIC Limited

CHIC Limited is a monthly event brought to you by Keira Seerose, CHIC Management SL. It is a small venue containing 30 brands (or less) per cycle. Each cycle has a theme for designers to be inspired by, but they can interpret the prompt as loosely or closely as they choose.

30 brands maximum a month for 4 months. Thats 120 brands. We recorded the amount of L made by 60% of those brands and got the number 555510L.

The concept of CHIC Limited is a small group of new and exclusive products based on a theme at a venue. However the important difference between this event and others is CHIC Management SL’s brand new Fair Pricing Policy.

CHIC Limited was created to offer a much asked for alternative to the current sales culture. Many designers felt they were unable to opt out of sales groups, hunts and events because they could not compete without the level of publicity they gave them. CHIC Limited is using the generated reputation of working with high quality brands to offer brands an opportunity to get the publicity of an event, without having to reduce their prices. Please note we are not encouraging designers to overcharge for their items OR undercharge for them, the pricing is at the brands discretion, mindful of the competitive situation in which the products will be sold, but we will be actively encouraging designers to take time to consider what is a fair price for their work.

CHIC also noted that many people were frustrated with current popular events, claiming that they were impossible to get into, so CHIC Limited will be run with open applications for participation.

Out of 30 brands per cycle we will make sure that at least 20 of the brands involved are different to ones in the previous cycle. If not more. This gives many more people a chance.

Please note, however, that to keep the structure of the event successful we must continue to control the quality of the brands involved. All applications are subject to approval or denial by the CHIC Limited team. We believe in giving smaller brands with big potential a chance for equal exposure, but we cannot allow the quality of the products to slip, as it is the quality and reputation of the brands, and of CHIC Management SL, that gives us the opportunity to offer designers this chance to sell at a fair price.

If your application is denied you are welcome to reapply two cycles later. We look for quality, seams, shading, sculpting… originality, point of view and trends and we look for potential. We will only allow original and unique content (if templates are used they must differ so greatly from the template that the finished product is unique and marketable) and we will not allow stolen works. We also will not allow the sales of shapes unless sold to compliment a skin also sold at the venue.

Denial does not mean you are not welcome in future cycles, just that we don’t feel your brand is ready for this event yet, remember: its only our opinion, we’d love to see you prove us wrong. Work on your brand identity and your product quality, and come on back! If you do not receive information about acceptance or denial it means your application is on hold. This could be because the current cycle is full but we believe you are appropriate for an up coming cycle, we will try to contact you as soon as possible if we have a place for you so you have time to prepare. Please do not IM or email us about your application.

At the end of the January cycle we will examine data collected throughout the cycle to determine the successfulness of this project. If we feel it has been a success we will make this a monthly event and open applications to the March cycle.

Please click the CHIC Limited subscribomatic within the venue to stay up to date.

Applications are currently closed.