Pure Juice

Juicy Sims Info

CHIC Management SL and JUICY sims are teaming up to bring a fantastic fashion event to the Juicy sims this March. Highlighting some of the talents hidden on the Juicy sims – but also bringing you fantastic new fashions from across the grid.
To be involved all you have to do is provide one new and exclusive item for selling at the venue. Each brand will have a maximum of 7 prims to set up your products. (If you create skins, hair or shoes more prims can be provided. Contact Keira Seerose to consult). A logo / landmark dispenser will be provided in the style of the venue and will not count as part of your prims.
▶ Opens to the public: March 5th
▶ Closes to the public: March 26th
So, what are the ‘rules’ of being a participating brand in this event?
▶ All items sold at the fair venue must be new (never released, sold or given away before by you or anyone else.)
▶ All items must be exclusive to the fair venue (only sold at that venue until after the fair closes when you can sell it anywhere you like – or retire the items – or even give them away! Whatever you want).
▶ Products do NOT have to be within the ‘theme’ presented for the fair or the venue!  The unofficial encouraged theme is making typically feminine themes, such as ‘pink’ or ‘juicy’ edgy. Pink, white and black will be the main event colours.
▶ Your item must be in the venue and for sale by the time we open, or you will be removed =[
▶ We encourage designers to reduce the items price to a lower price than normal. This helps our visitors who will go broke trying to buy everything they want from all the amazing designers – the cheaper everything is the more likely the money is to spread out amongst all the designers.
▶ We encourage designers to rez conservatively and thoughtfully. Make your products no bigger than they need to be and use your surroundings creatively! That’s what they are built for.
▶ You are NOT obliged to give free stuff out to bloggers, but if you want them to blog your stuff it makes their lives easier. Find all the bloggers who have been granted early access to fair items in the group in the bloggers role.
▶ We keep track of which brands have rezzed, accepted group tags, given items to bloggers etc … every option you have as a designer we keep careful notes on which designer is doing what. How does that help you? It means you’ll only ever receive information relevant to you at the moment its sent.
▶ We have a good team that on average offer a contact point most of the time! (Approximately 18 out of 24 hours a day on average.)
This event will be 100% profit to designers with no charity elements, its just for fun and fashion.