Our Feedback

From Catherine Fairport, designer of Bent!

CHIC has touched people in so many ways, with awareness, with charity.. CHIC is more than just an event management brand, it is heart, compassion, it is giving, it is Keira.


From Cory Edo, Designer of Trompe Loeil

CHIC is always professional and always a pleasure – I love working with Keira and she makes every content creator she works with shine. SL wouldn’t be half as stylish without her! { “I LIKE CHIC U LIKE CHIC 2″}


From Angellina Freschi, Blogger

The crazy amount of energy, love and passion Keira puts into CHIC is absolutely amazing and it’s also very ‘visible’ in a way. Like you can feel that everything is made with love, its not just a random event created for the sole purpose of getting profit.


From Tyr Rozenblum, Designer of Aura (and Fusion)

CHIC has been supporting me for 2 years now, starting early on with hunts. I have never had a complaint, only praise about every event, hunt and fair I have done. Im really grateful that you think of me, and I have to say I feel guilty the few times I have to turn down an offer. DON’T EVER LEAVE ME!


From Isabelli Anatine, Blogger

The first time I noticed CHIC was when Keira (and others) promptly started a fundraiser after the tsunamis, she had created Pacific Crisis Fundraiser. That event was really quickly organised, it had support from so many creators and this grabbed my attention. After that I started to pay attention for other events by CHIC, like Platinum and With Love Hunts. A while after I started to dig Fashionably Late, then Culture Shock, Back to Black and my favourite event of my whole Second Life.. The Vintage Fair. This fair was special for me in many levels, because it was the dream of a good friend, who is not on SL anymore.. Beulah Mills. I love so much this theme that for the first time in my almost 5 years in SL, I dared to fill the blogger application for the first time. So now, event after event, I just see how efficient the CHIC team is. I just wish more and more events to come.


From Breezy Carver, Blogger

I am almost a five year avi on the grid.. Vintage and Fantasy is my own passion. I have worked for and with many many events and event planners. The CHIC Team is the tightest, most thoughtful group I have ever come across. Kind, professional, thoughtful and very personable. They really want it to work for all. They are the best at it really! Making all shine makes them shine most.


From Callie Cline, Designer of Callie Cline and KittyCatS!

To say I admire the talents Keira has to pull off huge well organised events would be an understatement. I think it’s a true gift. My first was the Summer of Love event and I’m honoured I’ve been able to participate in a few others. She is fabulous, kind, talented and overall awesome :) Thank you Keira and here’s to many more CHIC events and much success for you. Thank you for your contribution and making SL more fun for me and so many others! You are VERY VERY talented and yes, I’m a fangirl :) xoxo, callie


From Felicity Blumenthal, brand manager of Belleza

So far my favourite event that has been run by CHIC is the Vintage Fair, I must have visited a half doxen times and blogging themed clothing for a few weeks… couldn’t get enough!


From Sasy Scarborough, Blogger and Events Co-ordinator

CHIC events are always something I look forward to attending. The designers put their best feet forward in contributing to the events, and the management are always very helpful and organised. I wish them the very best for their second birthday celebration.


From Suriko Leimes, Blogger.

I first heard about CHIC events through the Platinum Hunts, and was very impressed by the quality of the hunt – organization, execution and the content. After that, CHIC events were a regular feature on my blog – whether as an official blogger or not. Not only are you guaranteed quality with CHIC events but also an exceptionally friendly staff. You can tell that the heart and soul of the organizers goes into each and every one of CHIC events. I truly feel that CHIC has set the bar high against which I think future SL events will be compared.


From Katya Valeska, Blogger.

CHIC for me (especially coming from a consumer then into a person who has truly enjoyed fashion) has been an amazing place to see and and experience great designers/creators all in one place. Not only that, but a chance to give back in appreciation to those that make our Second Life enjoyable.


From Manuel Ormidale & Paco Pooley, Designers of 22769 Casual Couture

If it is true that one year in SL counts like 10 years in RL CHIC finally is in the age to drive a car and to drink.
For us every single CHIC event we took part was a big fun. The one we remember the best is – of course – the first one we attended: The Vintage Fair. And we have been overwhelmed by the professionality, but most of all by the dedication the organisation put in the event.
And to circle back to the beginning: have a glass of champaign to your birthday CHIC (maybe even more then one). You definitely deserve it.

Hugz and *kissKiss*
Paco and Manu


From Harlow Heslop, Blogger.

CHIC Management has not only opened so many doors and opportunities for designers, bloggers, and residents in the Second Life community, they have helped the real life global community as a whole. Their charitable nature, and generous spirit continues to show in every event, fund raiser, and activity they associate with here in Second Life. I am proud to be part of a community in which a group like CHIC exists, and look forward to many more wonderful and giving events in the future. Thanks so much CHIC for bringing positivity and light here to the grid.


From Lourdes Denimore & Salvatore Otoro, Bloggers.

CHIC sets the standard for event planning and management. We know that any CHIC event will be professionally managed and the products and vendors will be top notch. Our experience as bloggers has been nothing but amazing when dealing with their management. Rest assured, whether you are a blogger, designer, or shopper, you will appreciate the time and work put into their events. The CHIC team is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to many more years of great events.


From BellaStarr Fhang, Blogger, Events Co-ordinator and Designer of .evolve.

CHIC has been a source of inspiration for me in more ways than one. I am continually impressed by the work and creativity that goes into these events. Keira’s determination, ability and sheer love for creating a space that brings creativity and people together shines through each event. I count myself fortunate to have been able to participate in CHIC as both blogger and designer.


From Lauren Bisiani, Designer of T Junction

I have been very honoured and proud to be part of CHIC Management’s events. I’m always very excited when invited to participate! The team is very professional and a joy to work with. My favourite event was the Platinum Hunt. CHIC Management has played a huge part in getting my brand more well known and for that I’ll be forever grateful.


From Bela Tolsen, designer of *TuttiFrutti*

Today we are celebrating CHIC’s second birthday! I must not just congrat but say some “Thank You” words to Keira Seerose. Summer of Love back in 2010 was my big events’ debut cause she believed in my work and gave me the confidence I needed to improve it and grow. I’d like the opportunity to extend this words to Gogo and Sassy. These three ladies never fail me, always been there when I needed, with kind words and lots of patience.
We used to say in my country that CHIC is not just about fashion, CHIC is to be polite, kind to each other, to treat people with respect and equally. So Keira is CHIC! She is also a real pro that rise the standarts at each event pushing us up with herself. Thank you Keira! Long live to CHIC!”


From Cajsa Lilliehook, influential blogger and fashion icon.

I have participated in my share of events as a shopper, a blogger and sometimes an “official blogger.” Special events, because of their size, complexity and popularity, always bring their own unique blend of anticipation and disappointment mingled with pleasure and frustration. My experience with CHIC Management SL is that the portions of disappointment and frustration are kept to a minimum thanks to clear and timely communication and meticulous pre-planning.


From Teresa Republic, owner of haut.monde, a participating brand.

My name is Teresa Republic, owner of the store haut.monde. Once upon a time I opened a little shop on a 1024 plot, and had no idea what I was doing. No one bought anything, no one noticed, no one cared.

Keira Seerose noticed, however, and she was my first sale, ever. Since that moment my business has grown and blossomed, and even though it is still growing, I am in a  place I never thought I could ever be, among some of the greatest shops in SL. If it were not for CHIC Management SL’s faith in me, I would have closed up shop long ago. Keira and CHIC Management SL have not only allowed me to secure the finances I needed to continue and grow my business with their incredibly profitable events…. but also with the confidence to keep creating, the motivation to keep trying, and by being the friends who make SL worthwhile.
I love you guys.


From Jezibell Thorne, blogger and CSR of two participating brands, ( love ) and Vive9
I have been apart of CHIC Management SL events since the very start, first as a blogger, then as a CSR for two stores that particpated. Then it became where I would be helping with anything around the events. Keira has a way of making events last minute that have an impact beyond anything I have seen. Not to say she isnt a planner, I sometimes think shes always four steps around everyone else, you couldnt ask for better events, constant contact if anything is needed and most of all respect.

Jezibell Thorne.


From Rhapzody Wilde and Zarothan Wylder from Mynerva, who participated in The Black and Blue Fair, The Summer of Love Fair and the Platinum Hunt.
~Mynerva~ has been privileged to be associated with Keira and CHIC Management SL since their first event. Even then it was hard to believe it was a first as everything went so impressively well. In reality it is more like a partnership with a trusted friend than a commercial business relationship. We cannot speak highly enough of CHIC Management SL and their awesomeness, they seriously know their stuff!
Forever Grateful,
Rhapzody & Zarothan


From Jordan Whitt, Editor in Chief of ICON Magazine and blogger.
I’ve been a blogger for CHIC Management SL’s events since the very first one, and the quality just keeps getting better.  The people involved give of their time and talents and its such a thrill to be able to contribute in my own small way.

The organisation behind these events is phenomenal!  I especially appreciate the blogger previews a few days before the events open.  Two thumbs up here!

So many new and smaller stores that I never knew existed are some of my favs from discovering them through the events.  I love how it doesn’t matter if you are an established, huge name in SL or an unknown, they are all treated with the same excitement and respect.

The CHIC Management SL Team has been so supportive and friendly and really appreciates its bloggers!

Jordan Whitt

P.S.  The chick behind CHIC Management SL is a flaming nutter who makes me look sane, and me love her loooong time.


“The Platinum Hunt” by Keira Seerose, nominated for Best Original Project at the BOSL Awards 2011.

“The Call for Couture Festival” by Keira Seerose, nominated for Best Original Project at the BOSL Awards 2011.